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Big Baby

Look after your very own baby

Big Baby gives children aged 3 to 6 a baby of their own to comfort, feed, dress and care for. Created  in collaboration with educators and children, it is one of a small group of ‘open play’ digital games that let children explore, discover and learn in their own way. As children interact with the… (read more)

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Even nuclear physicists will have to work in teams!

If you’re looking for an app to engage your young child, there is no shortage of offerings. Apps aimed at entertaining children are some of the most popular, from “educational” games to playtime with their favourite TV character. But despite this crowded marketplace, the new app Big Baby can boast a number of impressive firsts.… (read more)

About us

Our story

Big Ice Cream is a digital studio that produces apps for pre-school and early primary school aged children on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Founded in 2012 by designer and producer team Gabrielle Banks and Caroline Kinny-Lewis, friends, mothers to young children and passionate about quality children’s content.

We believe that learning isn’t just ABCs and 123s. It’s just as important that children learn to communicate with and understand others. Our games are designed to reflect the diverse social and community experiences of all young children.

Our games encourage learning through investigation, role-play and fun.

Meet our team

Caroline Kinny-Lewis

I like digital toys that mirror classic good old-fashioned open-ended play. If someone were to rummage through the archives and dig out my most loved childhood items they would find Donkey Kong Game and Watch (which I borrowed from my brother), swimming goggles, a recipe book, and a few snow domes.

Gabrielle Banks

As a hippy's kid I grew up with no screens (boo hoo) and concocted elaborate lies around TV, videos and computer games in-order to be "in" with my peers...perhaps this is why I am in this line of work. I am motivated by a love of technology, design and an abiding sense of fun. I love content which does not talk down to kids, encourages creativity and provides the opportunity to explore themes relevant to their world.


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Frequently asked questions

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  • Why can’t I print from the app?
    1. Check that the printer has power and is turned on. If it has power, turn the printer off and then on again to see if that resolves the issue.
    2. Check if your printer is a Wi-Fi capable AirPrint printer.
    3. Check that the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iOS device.
    4. Ensure the printer has the latest firmware version installed.
    5. Check if the printer has paper with enough ink or toner installed.
    6. Ensure the printer is free of any errors displayed on the printer’s control panel.
  • Why can’t I hear the sound?

    Check the Silence switch on the upper left corner of your device and make sure the orange dot/ line is not showing.

    Turn up the volume using the buttons on the left side of your device

    Quit the app, launch again and go to the main game entry screen of the app. Check that the mute audio button in not activated in the top left corner. If there is a X showing next to the speaker icon, tap to unmute.

  • How do I delete an app and re-download?

    To delete the application from your device, press down on the app icon to activate shaking on all your icons. When this happens an X should appear on the top corner of the icon. Hold down the X, and you will be asked to delete.

    Re-download the application with the same iTunes login, and you will not have to purchase it again. See:

    Please restart your device after re-downloading.

  • I’ve updated the operating system, why isn’t the app working anymore?

    Do you have the most recent version of our apps. Please try updating all apps to see if this solves the problem.

    How to update your apps visit:

  • Which iOS is required?

    The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apps require iOS 5.0 or later.

    Download the latest iOS:
    See“Updating” here:

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