Big Baby

Look after your very own baby

Ages 3–6
Big Baby App. App Store Best of 2013

Big Baby gives children aged 3 to 6 a baby of their own to comfort, feed, dress and care for. Created  in collaboration with educators and children, it is one of a small group of ‘open play’ digital games that let children explore, discover and learn in their own way.

As children interact with the baby, discoverable features are revealed that reward their curiosity. The baby responds happily to actions like having its feet or hair touched, and cries if its bottle is taken away too soon.

With its nurturing themes of feeding, clothing and comforting a small baby, Big Baby is also one of the few apps to help build emotional intelligence.

What people are saying

★★★★★½ The iMums
“Big Baby is a really fun pretend play app. Children get to take care of virtual babies who eat, drink, laugh, cry, sleep, need their diapers changed and respond to what their caregivers do. It is also a great teaching tool for children who are about to become a big brother or sister  for the first time to learn about babies. Highly recommended.”

Teachers with Apps
Simple, sweet, sincere, and sensational in the kids’ eyes, as well as ours!


App Store Best of 2013  – Innovative Kids App